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Rome has many sites and attractions and is a wonderful place for a vacation with culture. First you will need a hotel to rest your feet after a long day of sightseeing. Here at Rated Holidays we do the research for you and have hotels for both low and high budget. Book with us and we will find a hotel to fit your budget and taste. So once you have booked your hotel accommodations with Rated Holidays, it’s time to plan your vacation. Maybe you like sightseeing. Well you can one of two options. You can take one of the many sightseeing tours offered. On these tours you will visit some of the most popular and historical attractions Rome has to offer. But instead of just looking at the beauty a tour guide will tell you the history and story of each location visited. Maybe you have your own taste of culture and you want to choose what sights to see.

With over hundreds of sights to choose from you will find so many picture perfect moments for that family album. There are places of interest for everyone including architecture, art and even statues. You are sure to find something for everyone in your party. Don’t want to drive? It is your vacation why not take full advantage of it? Take a taxi or even a limousine. There’s nothing better than driving by beautiful architecture while sipping wine in the back of a limousine. It’s your vacation why not enjoy it? Maybe you would rather take an outdoorsy approach to travel. There are many different shops to rent bikes from. Experience Rome with the wind in your hair.

Choose from a scooter or get some exercise with a regular pedal bike. Remember exercise is so much more fulfilling if you are enjoying it. Why not work those legs on a bike pedal while viewing nature and beautiful architecture. Like the outdoors but want a more hands on experience? Try a rock climbing attraction. With a harness you are safe to test your strength and feel the excitement as you climb up a rock wall. You could also try an expedition or a survival tour. Test your outdoor abilities and try a camping trip without luxury. Just be in nature and enjoy it.

Want to feel some power? Test drive a Ferrari with RomaINFerrari. Maybe you just want to relax and enjoy nature instead of being thrown into the middle of it. There are many different relaxing parks with different foliage and sights. Check out a few of them for beautiful scenery and photo opportunities. If the sun is shining why not visit one of the beaches and catch some sun rays. Relax on the sand with a glass of Vino. Did you come to Rome for the food? Boy are you in for a treat. Rome offers a few different ways to indulge your taste buds. Don’t want to pick just one? Try a food tour. Sample from some of the most lavish flavors of Rome. Let a tour guide direct your taste buds to some of the most popular eateries Rome has to offer. Looking for a more hands on approach? Take a cooking class. Learn how to cook delicacies and taste them before that long day of sightseeing. There are many different types of restaurants featuring different types of foods and prices to fit everyone’s style.

There are so many food places you will want to extend your vacation to try them all. For the adults there are several wineries to visit. No winery does it the same so it is a special treat to visit a few different ones to taste the difference. If you like what you taste you can even buy a bottle to take home. There are even wine tours that allow you to taste and sample fine wines. What a way to spend the day. Maybe you prefer a fresh brew over wine. That’s okay there a few different breweries to choose from. One of the top ranking breweries is called Malto Misto. So grab a beer from the tap and meet some new people while enjoying a brew. Don’t forget to visit Biblioteq Tea Shop after to indulge in flavourful teas.

Get your boogie on at Gregory’s jazz club or maybe you would rather join Rome’s Ultimate Party. Whatever your style there are several bars and night clubs to indulge in drinks and the company of others. Who knows maybe you’ll even share a local romance. For something new and different you could drop by the Ice Club. Make sure to dress warm the entire club is made of ice, including the seats. Rome does not discriminate and offers four different gay bars from trendy to casual. Whatever you do don’t forget to stop by La Saletta Karaoke the only karaoke bar in Rome. It’s sure to be popping. After a night of drinks and dancing there’s nothing better than stopping by a coffee house to recuperate.

There are a few different coffee houses to choose from and you’ll have to try a few to see who makes your drink the best. Café Greco is a little on the expensive side but is one of the top choices for a café. Rome has a lot to offer for both adults and kids. Just make sure you bring a big enough memory card because there really is no end to photo opportunities when you are surrounded by such beauty and culture. With so much to do you should plan at least a few days in Rome. Your stomach will be too full of delicious food to be able to try all the different taste Rome has to offer. Your feet may be tired but remember we have booked you a wonderful hotel to regain your strength and make every day of your vacation just as enjoyable as the next. So pack your bags and grab your cameras because it is vacation time in Rome.

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