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If you are planning a weekend break in London you are in for a treat. There are hundreds of different land marks to view. There are over fifty historic sites including the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. The Tower of London is home to the crown jewels and was also a prison cell. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. There are also a large selection of cathedrals to visit. Come view the different styles of architecture and beauty of these places of worship. London is home to the Westminster Abbey. Sports are very popular in London and many sports complexes can be found. You can find anything from football to tennis. If you want a sports day with the kids you could always grab some sports equipment and head to one of the hundreds of parks available. London is very green and beautiful, a great place for your kids to run around while you relax with a good book or just take in the scenery with your camera. If you like the foliage there are also a few gardens. Here you can view gorgeous flowers and some wild life. If you really like the wild life you can visit one of regional parks such as Lee Valley Regional Park.

There are also a couple of zoos if you don’t get the wild life you are looking for from the parks. ZSL London Zoo is considered to be one of the most famous zoos in the world. It has more than seven hundred species of animals and is a great chance to take some memorable photos. If you prefer aquatic wild life you could always stop by the Sea Life London Aquarium. After a day at the zoo you could take the kids to a playground to run out all of their energy before dinner. The Sports Village is great for younger tots and the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is perfect for slightly older children. London has that perfect souveneir with all types of shops to visit. There are several antique shops for unique older treasures. If you are not sure where to shop you could also try a shopping tour. Either way you could spend all day checking out the hundreds of different shops available to you. You might even find the perfect outfit for hitting the club and a night of dancing.

There are so many night clubs in London it can be hard to choose from. In fact there are so many bars that there are bar and pub tours. Let a guide show you the best parts of London’s night life. If you are looking for laughter with your drinks there are some great comedy clubs to choose from. Most of the clubs are large venues and are a great way to finish off the evening. The great part is there are a lot of bars and clubs within walking distance so you can safely bar hop. Don’t get stuck drinking at just one spot. Walk around and try out a few different clubs and see who makes your favorite drink the best or discover a new favorite. Don’t forget to stop by Tazza coffee to clear your head after a night of drinks. London also has several casinos and we aren’t talking those small ten card table rooms. We are talking full sized casinos. So try your hand at cards or slots. If you are feeling really lucky you could try stopping by the horse track called the Kempton Park Racecourse. It is a great place to view beautiful horses and try your luck at picking the right one. London is very popular for its beer tasting tours. With ten different breweries you are sure to have a great day of fresh beer on taps. If beer isn’t your thing there are also coffee and tea tours. We aren’t talking your basic tea with lemon.

This is a great chance to sample some teas you may have never thought of trying before. There are of course food tours as well. Free tours by foot is unique because you only pay for the food you want to try. There are no upfront costs and you have the option of paying at each stop. Don’t forget to try the Chocolate Ecstasy tour which is great for chocolate and dessert lovers. What’s better than an entire tour of chocolate? There are also many restaurants with delicious food. If you know what you want to eat just sit down and enjoy a full dinner of delicious food at one of the many restaurants. The beauty of London is that there are so many places right next to one another. Nothings worse than spending your vacation driving around looking for the right spot. With London you can just walk from place to place until you find something that suits you. If you should need to travel there are many cabbies that will make your travel easy and relaxed. If you are feeling adventurous you could take the tram or bus like the locals do. No matter what you are looking to do London is a great place. It is well known for its beers and coffee. It houses more tasting tours than many other places do in the way of beer and coffee.

The nightlife is always busy with hundreds of different bars. With everything being so close by you don’t have to spend your vacation driving around. The scenery is beautiful so the walking is not as painful as it would seem. As you are walking from bar to bar or shop to shop you will be greeted with gorgeous architecture and the smell of delicious foods. There is no shortage of places to shop the only problem will be wanting to spend all of your vacation money because of all the great things London has to offer. So what are you waiting for stop by Rated Holidays and let us help you book your trip today.

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