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Weekend breaks in the beautiful city of Prague

Whether you want to stay in a hotel fit for a king or you just want a small cheap place to rest your feet after a day of sightseeing, Rated Holidays can find the right hotel for you. Choose your amenities and decide your budget. We will select a room that fits your needs. So why Prague? Prague is such a romantic city. Do you love to look a castles and cathedrals? Why not go on a tour of one of the many different castles Prague has or why not visit them all? With over fifty cathedrals you will see many different beautiful places of worship and the different art they each have to offer. Take a tour or just casually enjoy the beauty on your own, but don’t forget your camera.

If you are sightseeing don’t forget to stop by Old Town. Being the heart of Prague it is full of cathedrals and buildings. There is sure to be a photo opportunity. Visit one of the many beautiful pieces of architecture and snap a selfie for your profiles. If you aren’t too afraid stop by one of the many beautiful cemeteries. Come learn the history and pay your respects. There’s nothing like viewing Prague from above. Why not enter one of the towers and get a view of the whole city from up high. Join a sightseeing tour and learn the history of the architecture. Why not make it just your vacation and join a private tour. Just you the sights and your own personal tour guide. That is not an experience you can get everywhere.

Why not try a completely different experience and try out an underwater tour. Dawn a diving suit and take a look at Prague through its waters. You might want to set a whole day aside for museums. With hundreds of different museums and art galleries you will have a whole day to admire paintings and artwork. If you have children don’t forget to capture their smiles when you take them to the toy or Lego museum. With so many toys and exhibits to look at it is sure to be the highlight of their vacation. Don’t forget to check out the gift shops to take a little piece of Prague back home with you. There are also many specialty museums displaying some of the oldest pieces of history of Prague including the KGB Museum and even a beer museum. Maybe you would like to view a different type of arts. With many different opera houses and theaters you can enjoy the beauty of live theater.

Put on your finest garb and attend an opera and see the true beauty of Prague. There are even opera houses that host dinners while you enjoy the show. Don’t forget to visit Hemingway Bar for a drink, they are rated number one for their evening cocktails. There are also many other types of bars for your enjoyment including the Anonymous Theater bar and Ice Pub. So why not enjoy a drink and get your dance on at what of the many night clubs or bars. Try one of the coffee houses to clear your head after a night of drinking. Kavarna Slavia is said to have rude waiters but hey you’re there for the coffee right? Put your qualms aside and delight in a nice cup of Joe. If you like the outdoors Prague is a great vacation spot for you. It offers several different parks to relax and enjoy the scenery. If you love animals you should stop by the Prague Zoo.

Home to over two thousand animals you are sure to enjoy watching animals interacting in the habitats. The zoo is a great place to snap photo memories. Maybe you’d like to relax on a romantic beach. Vitava Beach is a great spot for lovers to relax and enjoy the sand and waters. With a beautiful view of Charles Bridge it is sure to spark romance. Prague is also home to a few different botanical gardens. Come view the bright colors and fragrant smells of the gardens. Prague also has many attractions to involve yourself and your party members. If features several bowling alleys. Go catch a flick at a regular movie theater or enjoy an older film at one of the small cinemas. Looking for something different? Why not try the mirror maze or any of the other puzzle like adventures.

These are great fun for the family. Maybe join a treasure hunt. It is an interactive tour. Look for treasures in competitive game as your tour the many wonders of Prague. There are also many activities for adults. Prague features several shooting ranges and events. If you like real danger why not stop by King’s Casino or one of the many other casinos? What better way to end your vacation than by making some money on cards or slots. After all if you’ve never been there before beginners luck should entitle you to at least a small win and a joyous experience.

Prague is a great vacation spot for both families and lovers. With romantic viewpoints you are sure to put the spark in your marriage or begin a new love. No it’s not all hearts and roses. Prague is also a great place to take the family. There are many attractions that cater to children, be it toys or games. Most museums have gift shops that will allow you bring a souvenir back home as well. Everyone will appreciate the beauty of the animal exhibits whether it be the zoo, aquarium or planetarium not to mention the many lovely gardens. Though Prague is not booming with eateries you are sure to find a great spot to fill your stomach with delicious and cultural food. After a day of fun and sightseeing you can come back to your hotel that Rated Holidays has found for you and relax in a nice warm bed to get refreshed for your next day of adventures.

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