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Bon Jour! visiting gay Paris? 

Ah a weekend break to Paris the city of romance. Paris is a great place for lovers to vacation but can also be great for families. There is beautiful scenery and great photo opportunities. Start with us at Rated Holidays and choose when you’d like to depart. Pick what you want out of your hotel, whether it be a swimming pool, shuttle service or Wi-Fi. We have prices to fit all budgets so don’t worry about spending a fortune. We will find something that fits your budget and you won’t have to sacrifice for comfort. Now you have to decide what to do and there is no shortage of activities. Are you planning a trip full of sight-seeing? Better clear your day. Paris has hundreds of land marks and photo opportunities. There’s nothing that compares to the Eiffel Tower. View it from below or if you aren't afraid of heights take a tour all the way to the top.

Paris is also home to several beautiful cathedrals including the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Share a romantic kiss on one or more of the fourteen bridges as you overlook the water. There are so many sights to see you might be better off booking a tour. Let a tour guide show you areas of Paris you never knew existed and don’t forget to bring your camera because there will be no shortage of photos to be taken. The only worry you will have is that you didn’t bring a bigger memory card. Have the kids with you? Don’t worry there are plenty of activities for families. Paris has twenty amazing parks for the kids to run around. Love animals? Visit Parc Zoologique De Paris and view the gorgeous wild life. This is great fun for the kids and adults because who doesn’t love animals. There are also two large aquariums if you like the deeper parts of wild life. Come view the sharks in a clear natural habitat. There is nothing more magnificent than watching the sharks swim through the waters so close to you.

If you really like the water you can visit the few different bodies of water. Go feed the ducks or dip your toes as you have a lovely picnic. There are also many beautiful gardens for you foliage lovers. Walk through the gardens and catch the aromas of the many species of flowers as you peacefully stroll. There are several bike tours that will let you take in sights. If you are looking for something more extreme you could always try sky diving at Skydive Paris. Though not for everyone sky diving is a great way to experience Paris from an exciting view point. There are also scuba tours for those who are afraid of heights. You can swim up close to the aquatic wild life in the warm waters. If you don’t want to go diving you can still experience the water by visiting one of the water parks. There are plenty of bars and night clubs to attend. Whether you’re looking for a classy place to drink or just a big party you are sure to find the right hangout for you. Whether you are looking for a good cup of coffee or a fresh pastry there a few good coffee houses for you to visit. Paris isn’t just about partying and drinking there are also many foods to sample.

You can take a cooking class and learn how to make foods you never would have known you could. If you aren’t sure about cooking or don’t want to do the work you could join a food tour and let a guide show you the best flavors Paris has to offer. There are also wineries and breweries if you are looking to taste more than just food. The Musee Delacroix is the only brewery in Paris and a great place to enjoy both food and drinks. Paris is most known for their desserts and there is no shortage of shops that sell pastries and chocolates. You are sure to find a sweet that will go great with that dinner or even a box of chocolates to bring home and share with your friends. Shopping is easy in Paris. You will find so many different fashions that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Paris is well known for its fashion shows and you might get lucky and catch one while you’re there. With Paris being that fashion capital of the world there is sure to be something going on. Take a shopping tour and visit all of the popular shops of Paris. There are also a few different malls which have all the basic store and some specialty stores. There are so many different shops you could spend a whole day visiting stores. You are sure to find some great souvenirs or you can always just window shop. Don’t forget to stop by one of the flea or street markets to experience local shopping. You are sure to find a treasure or maybe even some fresh grown fruit or vegetables. Don’t worry about running out of stuff to do in Paris.

There are activities and fine dining. You can spend the day touring the sights either on your own or with the help of a tour guide. You don’t have to just look around you can get into the action by taking an extreme tour or even trying sky diving. The options of your vacation are endless with the different activities available to you. Paris is best for food and shopping. So if you are planning a trip to Paris just stop by Rated Holidays and pick a day that you are ready to depart. We will find you a hotel that you can be happy to come back to after a long day in Paris. We will find something that fits your style and budget. You don’t have to pay a hundred dollars a night for comfort. We have rooms ranging from twenty dollars and up a night. Whatever you are looking for we are sure to find something for you.

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