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 A vacation in Florida can be overwhelming. Not only are there different areas of Florida to visit but there are different activities in each part. Don’t go to Florida feeling overwhelmed. Let us help you plan your vacation. You’ll want to start with a hotel so head over to Rated Holidays and let us know when you are planning to check in. We will find you a hotel that fits not only budget but your comfort needs.

First we’ll start with Orlando. Orlando is one of the best vacation spots especially if you have children. Orlando is the heart of amusement parks. You will need at least a day to fully enjoy Universal Studios Florida. Universal studios is full of live shows and fun rides. They have something for everyone, including great food and unique gift shops with lots of movie memorabilia. If you have Disney fanatics you’ll want to make a visit to Walt Disney World. The park is so big you might need a couple of days to see everything. Don’t forget to stop by Epcot where they have foods from all over the world.

There are also a lot of adrenaline raising activities in Orlando. Some of these are kayaking, windsurfing and even extreme tours. There’s not much sight-seeing as far as historic sites go. Orlando is a very hands on vacation. Lots of different amusement parks and activities are available. However, there are still buildings and lots of foliage with great photo opportunities. There are less extreme activities available such as hitting the golf course.

Most of the food in Orlando is located in the amusement parks however there are still a few places outside of these attractions to get your grub on. The Fudgery is the place to be for you chocolate lovers. And though there are a few decent food tours available your best choice is going to be Epcot. Epcot is one of the many “lands” in Walt Disney World and it takes you to countries all over the world. You will see buildings from other countries but more importantly will be able to sample foods from all over the world. All of these food places mind you are within walking distance of one another. And at night there is a beautiful fireworks show. So there’s dinner and a show. What can beat that?

Some of the best shopping will be done in the amusement parks. Whether you are buying memorabilia from your favorite movie or checking out one of the Disney stores you will walk away with something for everyone. If you don’t happen to visit the amusement parks there are still shopping centers, especially some great little shops on the pier. There are also a couple of large malls if you are really looking for a shopping spree.

Miami is full of animals from safaris to zoos you are sure to get your wild life fix. There are not as many shops in Miami as there are in other places but that makes these shops just the more special. This is the best place to come for sight-seeing. A lot of the attractions in Miami are wild life and sight-seeing related. If you head on down to Miami Beach you will find a lot of different bars and dance clubs. You will also find seven beautiful beaches. The waters tend to stay pretty warm so even at night you can enjoy a nice swim without freezing.

Key West is where you want to go if you love the water. There are lots of places to charter boats and rent gear. Key West is a great place for whale and dolphin watching. The waters are very clear and blue. This is why Key West is so popular for water sports. You will see people on boats, jet skis, parasailing even. And if you want to try out one of these sports there are plenty of places to rent equipment. So don’t worry about bring your jet ski on your vacation just rent one.

Florida is a big place so you might want to plan out what you want to do first. It is entirely possible to visit all the great parts of Florida but if you only have a few days you might want to plan accordingly. If this is a family vacation made just for the kids you will probably want to stick to visiting Orlando. Orlando is popular for its amusement parks. Both of the major parks are huge and one can easily spend an entire day at each one. And remember many shows are scheduled so you may want to grab a brochure from the hotel and plan ahead, that way you don’t miss the show. Plus the kids will love meeting their favorite characters. Miami is another great place for kids, especially the animal lovers. Miami is full of both zoo/aquarium options and safaris.

If you are just taking a vacation to have fun and play in the water Key West is probably your best destination. Key West is catered around water sports and beaches. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about wearing your swim suit all day in Key West. Just expect a day of beautiful clear water and breathtaking photo opportunities. Key West is also a great spot for the night life. It offers a lot of bar options and is filled with tourists.

Let Rated Holidays help you out. You only want to have to plan how you are going to spend your day and nights. You don’t want to get to Florida and have to drive around looking for a vacant hotel that fits your budget. We will do all the guess work for you. You can arrive in Florida and be ready to start your vacation as soon as you get to your hotel. Don’t worry about transportation. There are plenty of ways around and really a lot of stuff is within walking distance. So if you don’t mind a small walk you won’t even have to spend money on renting a vehicle or a taxi.

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