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Hotel deals in Disneyland. Its a magical place for the children and adults too!


So you’ve heard the hype and want to take a vacation to Disneyland? You heard right Disneyland is a great place to spend a day or even a week. It’s not just for little kids if that’s what you’re thinking. Stop by Rated Holidays and let us know when you plan to check in and how long you are planning to stay. We’ll find an affordable hotel. If you want to stay in the Disneyland hotel we can find a room for you there.

There are two main parks. Disneyland California Adventure is the smaller of the two parks. It only has thirty attractions and won’t take as long as the regular Disneyland Park would. This park is home to California Screamin, a fast roller coaster that will have you getting in line again and again. There are many rides for the little ones including tot safe roller coasters. There are also some live shows that play throughout the day at scheduled times. These include a Frozen sing along, Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular, and World of Color. There are more than twenty different spots to grab a bite to eat including Ariel’s Grotto where you can arrange a meal with the princesses. Don’t forget to stop by one of the gift shops before you leave. Elias & Co. is a large shop and has all over your mouse needs.

Downtown Disney District is there for all your shopping and dining needs. It is open until two am which is a little later than the other parks. This is really the night life destination. There are several movie theaters to catch a flick. There are also a few jazz clubs for the adults to enjoy some music and drinks. For the kids there’s the ESPN Zone Sports Arena which is a big arcade. There are more than twenty shops and most of them are specialty shops so you will find no shortage of unique gifts. Most of the shops carry Mickey Ears but they all offer something new and different and are worth a look. It’s fun to window shop, especially when it’s Disney stuff. There are also nineteen different restaurants offering different types of foods, including the famous Rainforest Café which features themed dining.

Disneyland the magical world for everyone. Yes a lot of the rides are catered to children but they are adult friendly and most of them will allow you to join your child in the fun. There are also some rides geared towards older kids and adults. Space Mountain is one of the more popular mature rides and is a fast rollercoaster with amazing lighting effects. Some of the rides are interactive like Goofy’s Playhouse or Minnie’s house where your child can play with the gadgets in the toon’s houses. This can keep them busy for hours and be sure to bring lots of laughs so don’t forget the video camera. There are a couple good live shows but the best ones are at night. The famous Fantasmic only runs late at night because it is a spectacular light and firework show featuring your favorites Disney toons. The fireworks start after nine pm and are usually big enough to see from the hotel room. This is a nighty firework extravaganza that lights up the night sky.

At Disneyland you always have the chance of running into a costumed character and some meets are even scheduled. Throughout the day the toons roam the park looking to sign autographs and give out hugs. If you aren’t lucky in randomly spotting one there are often scheduled meet and greets featuring some of the more popular cartoons. There is always a photo opportunity. You’ll want to take a picture in front of every ride you plan to get on because you’ll be too busy having fun to take pictures while you’re on the ride. And don’t worry about lines. Yes there are lines but the park caters to busy crowds and it’s not like the old days where you had to wait an hour just to get on the ride.

There are more than thirty restaurants and a lot of them are character themed. There are low budget diners and also a few very fancy restaurants for big spenders. There are also dining options for the Fantasmic live show.

There are lots of big and small gift shops to take care of your shopping needs. Most of the gift shops carry toon apparel so your little one can spend the day in mouse ears just like Mickey. You don’t have to spend a fortune but you’ll definitely be tempted to with all the different gift shops. A lot of the little shops around the park offer snacks and desserts that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether your kids are teens or young tots Disneyland is a great vacation spot. There are three different areas all offering different things. California Adventure is great if you want to experience some rides but are intimidated by the large size of the actual Disneyland Park. It has rides for both older and younger people. Disneyland is great for everyone. It’s a large park and has a lot to offer to both young and old. Downtown Disney District is great for the adults wanting to unwind. It is full of dining and shopping options. Whatever you are looking for all areas have dining and shopping options. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your visit. Just head over to Rated Holidays and tell us what you are looking for. We can find you a hotel close to the parks and within your budget. Most of the hotels we can book will offer free shuttle services to the parks. So all you have to worry about is waking up in enough time to enjoy your day. Just step outside the hotel and a shuttle will whisk you away to a dreamland of rides, shopping and dining. It will truly be a magical vacation.


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