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If you are visiting China you are in for a treat. China is a very big place and there are many different cities to visit. Some of the more popular cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau. Head over to Rated Holidays and let us decide where the best hotel will be for you. We’ll find a room that’s fits your style and budget. All you’ll have to plan is what city you want to visit and what activities to do for the day. We’ll start with Macau. Macau is best known for its gambling. With eight large casinos you are sure to go back home having won something. The casinos feature both slots and table games so there is something for everyone. There is also a dog track called Macau Canidrome. There over ninety different sight and landmarks and remember this is just Macau there are many more parts of China to see. Macau also has the Giant Panda Pavilion where you can see Pandas in a natural habitat.

The Vquarium is a great place to take kids and features fake mermaids on LED screens. Macau also has a few night clubs for you to get your dance on. Don’t forget to visit one of the many spas to relax and get a massage. Beijing is huge and has lot of fun stuff to do. With over seven hundred sights and landmarks you could easily spend the whole day just sight-seeing. Beijing also features seventy parks which is a great way for you to sight see while your kids run around and have fun. Beijing is also popular for its many caves. Enjoy a nice hike while looking at the beautiful underground rock formations. There are also a few zoos and aquarium for the animal lovers. You can easily spend hours shopping with over a hundred stores available. There are a few different food tours and many unique restaurants offering foods you have probably never had before. Shanghai is a very big city as well. It has over four hundred sights and landmarks. Shanghai also has several amusement parks for you to visit. Shanghai Circus World is a great place to take the kids. Changfeng Park is a great place to watch aquatic shows, much like Sea World. There is also a lot of shopping to be done with over two hundred stores including shopping malls and antique shops. If you are looking for a different experience you could try Mr. X- Escape Room and Puzzle. It is a unique puzzle room and is fun for both adults and kids. If you love food you could try a cooking class or even one of the walking tours. Shanghai has lot of flavors to sample. There is also the brewery tour Shanghai which offers education and tasting of delicious fresh brewed beers. Hong Kong is a smaller city but there is still lots to do. It has over two hundred sights and landmarks.

Hong Kong is most beautiful at night because of all of the lights on the buildings. It is a great city to shop in. There over three hundred shopping options including markets and shopping malls. Hong Kong is full of specialty shops that hold little treasures you may not have known you were looking for. You could also try dolphin watching at the Hong Kong Dolphin Watch Day tour. This is a sight-seeing experience you won’t forget. If you’re looking to try some good food Big Foot Tours is a very popular food tour experience. These are only some of the more popular areas of China but there are many more cities to visit and they each offer different foods to taste, sight to see and activities to participate in. You’ll want to plan based on your vacation length. Many of the cities are very large and one can spend at least a day seeing everything it has to offer. To get the full experience you should probably plan for at least a few days in China. With so many different options you’ll want to visit more than one of the cities. China is a great place for the family but also offers many fun adult activities. China is very popular for its gambling choices including both casinos and dog tracks. So have some fun and possibly win some money for your next vacation. Wherever you go you’ll want to visit the Great Wall of China.

It is an incredible piece of architecture that is unlike anything else in the world. China is also a great place to try new and different foods. There are more than just noodle dishes but the noodle dishes are delicious. There are many different unique desserts to try including tasty ice creams. China loves waffles and usually offers them in different flavors with pastes cushioned between two of them. Most of the traveling in China is done by bike but you can also get around by walking. There is so much to look at it won’t seem like exercise. You can even ride in a pedicab that is a bike ride driven by one of the locals. Sit back while they pedal you around some of the beautiful parts of China. China is also popular for its many spas. They offer different relaxation techniques including acupuncture and fire cupping. You are sure to walk away feeling relaxed and having smoother skin. It’s a great way to end a vacation.

Whatever you are looking to do whether it be relax or explore you are sure to enjoy your vacation in China. At Rated Holidays we’ll take the guess work out for you. All you have to do is check off what you are looking for in a hotel. Choose a pool or just a simple room with beds and a television. Tell us what you want to spend and we’ll find a hotel that fits your needs and budget. Let your planning be the fun stuff not the boring stuff. Plan your activities not where you’ll be sleeping.

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