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Though it is small there is quite a bit to do in Amsterdam. First you’ll want to start off visiting us over at Just let us know what you are looking for in a hotel. We will match your needs and search through all the hotels in Amsterdam and find one that fits exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you’d like a pool or Wifi. Maybe you are looking for a shuttle service that provides services right outside the hotel. We can find all that for you. Why should you have to get to Amsterdam and spend your vacation time looking for a place to stay at? Let us do the hard work for you and get to Amsterdam with only one thought in mind, “fun”. With more than a hundred landmarks you will have no problem finding the perfect photo to share when you get back home. You’ll want to be sure to stop by the Anne Frank House and see a little bit of history. Visit the location where Anne Frank hid and wrote her world famous diary. There is also a lot of beautiful old architecture. Look on in amazement as the oldest buildings stand still beautiful with just slight weathering. Join a tour and make sure you don’t miss out on some of those hidden architectural treasures.

Amsterdam is a beautiful place to just ride a bike around. There are several bike tours available where you can casually stroll through some of the most beautiful parts of Amsterdam and learn about the history of the sights you are seeing. If you don’t feel like pedaling you could always take a boat tour. Amsterdam jewel cruises provides a romantic candle lit boat cruise. If you like animals you might want to try the Wetlands Safari. Explore the wetlands in a canoe. Bike or boat either way is a great way to view the city. If you like the outdoors but want to do more than just sight see there are lots of options. You could try a balloon ride at Pinkel Balloons. How many people can say they have actually flown in a hot air balloon? If you like animals you could pay a visit to the Artis Zoo. This zoo won the traveler’s choice award for attraction in the year 2014. There are also twelve lush, green parks to bring the kids to and let them run around. Het Twiske is considered to be a lot like a magical forest. It is full of beautiful plant and wildlife. There are seven different bodies of water which are all best viewed on a boat. These are all great chances for beautiful photos.

Amsterdam is well known for its nightlife. With more than a hundred night clubs and bars you are bound to find a place that fits your music and drinking style. Amsterdam offers more gay bars than most areas and has eight to choose from for those looking for something different. There are also several coffeehouses to help you sober up after a night of dance and drinks. There are lots of little places to shop in Amsterdam. There are more than a hundred specialty shops and gift shops. Do you like art? Maybe you would like to buy a piece of art to hang in your home. There are more than twenty art galleries where you are sure to find that perfect piece to hang above the fireplace. Show off your sense of cultural style by buying a piece of art that no one else will have. If you are looking for a unique treasure you might want to try a flea market. Noordermrkt is a great little spot for shopping whether or not you end up buying anything. With so many treasures sometimes it’s fun to just window shop. The Antique Ring Shop is a great spot to find a very unique piece of jewelry. They sell very beautiful unique rings that you won’t find anywhere else. If you came to Amsterdam to eat you won’t be disappointed.

Like chocolate? At Chocolati you have the option to sample chocolate before you purchase it. This is high quality chocolate not cheap imitation gift chocolates. This is the real deal and a must for anyone with a sweet tooth. There are also a few different food tours if you are having a hard time deciding on your own. Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room is a great place to go if you love different types of cheeses. The Wine Cellar offers a personal wine tasting experience. If you prefer beer over wine there a few beer tasting tours. There are also three breweries where you can taste beer fresh off the tap. There are also two farmer’s markets where you can buy fresh grown produce. The Neighbourfood Market even has butchers so you can get fresh cut meat.

Whether it’s viewing the sights or getting into the action Amsterdam has something for you. There are so many beautiful views from architecture to foliage. You are sure to fill your album of eye catching photos from a wonderful, fun vacation. The food is unique and there are lots of chocolate shops. This is definitely the place to visit if you have a sweet tooth. Not everyone can say they have had this high a quality of chocolate but if you vacation here you can. There are also so many different bars and night clubs. This is a great opportunity to listen to some new music and drink some new drinks. So what are you waiting for? Stop by Rated Holidays and tell us what you want in a vacation. Let us find you a hotel near the best parts of Amsterdam. Let us find you affordable luxury. You won’t regret choosing us to help you plan your vacation to Amsterdam. You won’t have to sacrifice luxury to save money. We can find a comfortable hotel with exactly what you are looking for with the budget you need. So don’t risk going over your budget let us do the work for you.

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