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At, we want to help you find the perfect holiday. Our site allows you to search and compare hundreds of destinations, tailoring your trip to suit your requirements. From family vacations to business visits, from weekend escapes to unexpected, last minute adventures, our site is here to help you handle everything.

Based in the UK, is built around delivering what people really want. Not only does our search facility handle a huge number of possible destinations, but the comparison and review tools allow you to find the right places at the right prices. Our site allows you to set a budget for your search and to consider the experiences of others in order to make sure that – when it comes to your holiday – there is no need to settle for second best.


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You finally got that week off from work and are looking to laze in hotel, beach or get in touch with nature through nature hikes. It could also be World Cup season or want to visit a given country during special events such as Mardi Gras, Spring Break and so on. Whatever the case may be, you need to find the best rates, hotels, tour packages and even travelling options.
A visit to is the best place to start with over 2 million hotels and hundreds of holiday packages for you and your family to choose from. What makes Rated Holidays the best online booking site is the fact that well allow fellow travelers to post blogs, ratings and reviews on their vacations or holiday. There are countless benefits of booking your holiday online.

One of the top reasons why online booking for your holiday is best is because you simply have to put in your selected travel dates, destination as well as number of people accompanying you and click the ‘send’ button. You will then be given an array of top rated hotels and tour packages based on the location and also the budget you have allocated for your holiday. Who said holidays have to be expensive.

Another benefit of online booking is the fact that you can actually compare rates and packages between a selected list made available to you. This is done in a quick and interesting manner because you also get to see some information about the shortlisted holiday destinations as well as reviews from the public. This actually reduces the hassle of physically visiting tours and travel agencies.

A good reason why you should choose online holiday booking is the fact that you will be able to rely on not only the booking service’s opinions but also those of other travelers. A good online booking service will allow both positive and negative reviews to be displayed. This is important because not everyone has the same tastes or preferences and what may have been negatively reviewed might actually turn into your most memorable vacation.
Another reason why people prefer to book their holidays online is because transport or flights are well planned out for you. You will know of the best airports, airlines, shuttle or chauffeur services available and even tour vans or buses you can hire. Once this is sorted for you by credible companies such as Rated Holidays, you will travel stress free knowing that everything is well planned out.

Check out and you will see that the easy-to-navigate site will let you see trending hotels and locations that you can consider for your next vacation. Whether it is a holiday by the seaside or one that takes you to the wildest game parks in the world, Rated Holidays has it covered. Let us take the load of planning for your holiday off your shoulders. All you have to do is ensure that you make all the necessary payments, carry relevant identification documents, tickets and other information needed to travel, especially out of the country. Enjoy your Rated Holidays vacation!

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