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Why choose Rated Holidays?  With our breadth of destinations, we can bring together your trip to Disneyland with the family or finalise your work trip to Tokyo. Having the views and opinions of other travellers can make a huge difference to the quality of your travels, supplying a broad range of views from those in similar circumstances to yourself. Rather than relying on the views of single journalists or bloggers, we offer the thoughts of those whose views more often align with your own, making sure that your trip is tailored to your standards. Rather than settling for second best prices or attempting to discern how well suited a certain hotel might be for your needs before boarding the plane, allow Rated Holidays to help you handle the very best in booking. Our system is in place to help you save time, to help you save effort and to help you save money. With easy to navigate features, we want you to have all of the information before you book. That means displaying the price and all of the information in a way which lets you learn everything you really need to know about your holiday. Don’t waste time trying to trawl through airlines and airports: let us handle everything all in one place. is where great holidays are easy to find.

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World Cup: The Road To Rio

Every four years, one of the world’s biggest events descends on one particular nation. In 2014, it will be Brazil’s turn to host football’s greatest tournament, the World Cup. As the leading all time World Cup champions, soccer-mad Brazil will play host to one of the most eagerly anticipated tournaments in recent memory. With the planet’s very best players plying their trade across the Southern American country, many people will flock to the various cities in order to see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo strut their stuff. But with Brazil being one of the world’s largest countries and with a schedule which is spread out from border to border, finding the right way to get your trip booked can be tricky. Thankfully, RatedHolidays is here to help.

For those travelling from the UK, it will likely be England which will be the main attraction. While they may not be the bookies’ favourites for the trophy, that will not stop thousands of Brits travelling thousands of miles in order to see their team play. With group games in Manaus, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, the north of the country is where many fans will likely make their camp before heading out to find their way to each stadium.

While package holidays can claim to offer an all in one solution, it can often be far cheaper to look up your flights individually. A great way of getting the right flights and the right accommodation for your trip to Brazil is to jot down the names and dates of when and where you want to go and investigate the flights and hotel prices using our site. It is far easier to measure the potential destinations thanks to the user reviews and comments which are left by others, meaning that you’re not stuck listening to the Italy game on a tinny radio when you want to be in the stadium.

As well as offering cheaper flights, not being locked into a particular itinerary means that your trip can always become more flexible. If you suddenly decide to follow a new and exciting team (perhaps Columbia or Chile) after England’s exist, looking up the right flights to the new destinations can be far simpler than trying to barter with a travel agent from another continent. Because of the unpredictable nature of a football tournament, don’t get tied down to any one travel plan.

Should England defy expectations and make it to the final, Rio will be the destination of choice for every English citizen with a passport. However, for those who are visiting to simply ‘soak up the atmosphere’, there can be few better choices than the home of the Maracana. With four group stage matches, a second round match and a quarter final (as well as the final itself), you will not be short of entertainment in one of the world’s party capitals.

For the pessimistic England fan (as most gradually become), there is far more on offer in every corner of Brazil than just the football. This is where our hotel reviews come in so handy. With the knowledge that you will have the luxurious hotel, awe-inspiring locales and a huge variety of fun and exciting cultural endeavours, a trip to Brazil can be about far more than accepting the blow of another second round exit. On penalties.

Which Disney resort?

When it comes to holidays, one of the first destinations on every person’s lips is Disney. No matter how old or how young you might be, the opportunity to travel to either LA, Orlando or Paris is one of those adventures which must be carried out once in a lifetime. Whether you are going with kids or not, the chance to take in the sights and sounds of the world’s most popular theme parks are not to be missed. But with four parks across the world (as well as a nascent park in Hong Kong and a planned park in Shanghai), which one is your ideal destination?

Disneyland, California

The original Disney park is found closest to the studio’s Hollywood home. Established in 1955, the park was built with assistance from Walt Disney himself and has leant its look to all successors as well as almost every theme park which has come into existence since. The home of the first versions of many of the most famous Disney trademark attractions, the Californian park can be almost a Mecca for those who are looking for the real origin and meaning of Disney. Presuming that one is flying from the UK, however, it can also be one of the more distant places to get to. However, due to its location in sunny California, has a list of fantastic hotels in the area which can allow you to make the most of your trip and get the best cost on the flights to your distant destination.

Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World is the most visited theme park in the world. As one of the planet’s top destinations, flights and hotels in the area are easy to come by. But with so much to see and so much to do, you will want to make sure that you get the cheapest flight and the most accommodating hotel. Opening in 1971, the park is home to some of the most famous and intrinsically ‘Disney’ sights. The giant shape of Epcot is visible from far away, MGM studios offers a glimpse into the world of movie making and the more recently opened Animal Kingdom brings the wonder of nature to each and every visitor. Those who are looking for the quintessentially Disney experience should be booking their flights to Florida right now, and with so much to do and see, you could stay for a week without getting bored.

Tokyo Disney

For those in the UK, the existence of a Disney resort in Tokyo might be a surprise. Opening in 1983, the park brought the magic of Disney to the Asian continent for the first time and has been joined by newer, younger parks in China. Away from the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo streets, the park might be a fine chance to relax in familiar yet slightly different surroundings. As well as the main park and attractions, the additional DisneySea park opened in 2001, estimated as the most expensive theme park ever built, costing over $4billion. With a nautical theme and slightly more adult-centric rides, the destination offers something for those who are looking for the Disney experience as well as more grown up thrills and spills. For those visiting Tokyo, the fantastic public transport means that finding flight and a hotel are often the most important part of your stay, so make sure to learn what other people are saying about the accommodation with our customer reviews.

Disneyland Paris

For those from the UK, the most familiar and the most convenient resort is likely to be the one found in Paris. Opening in 1992, the destination was the first Disney outpost in Europe and has become steadily more popular in the years since. With two park, a shopping district, a golf course and numerous hotels, there is something for everyone. Because it is only across the English Channel, you can use RatedHolidays to find incredibly cheap flights from a number of British airports. The trip to Paris to take in the theme park might be far flung from the usual tourist traps such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but for those with children (or those who simply want to have a bit of fun), Disneyland Paris represents a fine choice.

6 Television Inspirations For Your Next Holiday

The increasingly big budgets of television shows are shining fresh light on their shooting locations and driving the desire in more and more people to pay a visit to the destinations on show. For those who have found themselves lost for an idea for their next holiday, it could well be that the answer lies in your favourite television series. But which programmes have the most appealing destinations? RatedHolidays have collected together some of the more popular destinations and the shows that inspired them.

Game of Thrones – Northern Ireland

Though set in the mythical world of Westeros, much of the fantasy show is actually filmed in rural Northern Ireland. Finding accommodation in Belfast is easy, especially with our customer reviews, and from there it is just a short drive out to the filming locations. As well as taking their inspiration from the local landscape, the show’s creators also cast a number of the locals in extra roles. Get talking to someone in the right pub and you might just find a bit of juicy behind the scenes information which you could never see coming.

Mad Men – Maddison Avenue, New York City

Mad Men, the show about the trials and tribulations of advertising executives in the 1960s, is completely dependent on its setting. The fortune and glory of Maddison Avenue became a byword for the adventurous and glamorous lifestyles that the ad men were leading. In the modern day, New York is just as glamorous and the perfect place to live out a day dream of creating stunning adverts in a Manhattan office. With flights to New York cheaper than they've ever been, it has never been easier to pop over to one of the world busiest cities to order Don’s favourite lunch time drink, the Old Fashioned while watching the streets of New York below.

Sherlock – Baker Street, London

Sherlock Holmes’s house has long been a tourist destination for many. With Baker Street offering up its own tube station, finding your way to 221B has never been easier. However, with the BBC reinterpretation starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, there is a renewed interest in the home of the fictional detective. With the many sights and sounds of London also on display, it might be of interest to those visiting that the home used in the series is not actually found at the famed address. Instead of Baker Street (now home to a Holmes museum), North Gower Street in Bloomsbury doubles for the famous lodgings.

House of Cards – Washington D.C.

As a different kind of television show, the American remake of House of Cards has brought the internal machinations of the American political system into homes around the world. Filled with intrigue, double crossing and Machiavellian plotting, Kevin Spacey’s character is fascinating enough to bring many people into slightly dry the world of politics. For those who have become obsessed, check out how much a flight to D.C. will cost and discover the numerous locations where the internet-premièred series was shot. The White House, the Senate and the Lincoln Memorial all offer tour of the locations used in the popular show.

True Detective – Louisiana

A short series of eight episodes starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, True Detective brought something new to the crime genre. One of the most notable inclusions was the location, shot in the warm and mysterious state of Louisiana. As well as the boisterous and fun-filled night life (this is the home of Mardi Gras), the rural countryside offers everything from nature filled swamps to rolling golf courses. With each making an appearance in the short series, it can be easy to follow in the steps of the pair of detectives and find your own mystery in the sun-filled southern state.

Doctor Who – Cardiff

For something both closer to home and much, much further away, it could be the streets of Cardiff where you wish to visit. The classic piece of British television that is Doctor Who is now shot almost entirely in the Welsh capital. While the show might cross all corners of the universe, many of the external shots are simply new ways of looking at a familiar city. For those looking for locations, there are a series of well-reviewed hotels along the bay, close to the area where many scenes are shot and there are a number of local tourism attractions based around those looking for their fix of the doctor’s adventures while visiting Cardiff.
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